Feytaline's Cosplay

Feytaline's Cosplay

Cute, sexy, and spoopy--er, spooky cosplay!

captain-cube: following just for the fact you cosplayed ever17 that's freaking awesome.

Thank you!  You is one of my favorite costumes!  Even though no one ever recognizes me ;~;  I’m harassing elycium-cosplay to join me!

I’m looking into getting photos at an aquarium.  LeMU is such an awesome location to try to replicate! :D

I FINALLY got photos of my Rena costume!

Rena is such an important character to me. I really, really identify with her strongly—from the terror of hallucinations, to the sweet, excited adoration of cute things (even things other people wouldn’t find cute!)  to the way she hid so much of her suffering from her friends.

Despite the fact that my skirt is anime-accurate (aka WAY TOO SHORT!) the top is one of the best things I have ever constructed. I didn’t use a pattern at all and while normally that kind of shows, I am so proud of how professional it looks.  I hate making pleated skirts—especially this one, I messed up my first attempt, ran out of fabric and the dye lot was completely different when I went to buy more. D:

When I find accurate boots I want to make her white dress. As happy as I am with this one, the skirt is just way too short for me to really feel comfortable wearing it at a con (hence the black shorts, lol.)

The wig was styled by Avianna (who is so unbelievably talented!) and I love it. It took so long to find a wig that was close to Rena’s weird, changes in every reference color.  I am honestly so happy with this wig it’s unreal!

And fun feyta fact—if there is a tree I can climb during a photoshoot, I am going to climb it. I climbed a tree in my heavy, long Zashiki warashi wearing rocking horse boots.  I just… really like climbing trees!

Photos by Elycium with editing by me.  We had a lot of fun doing this shoot!